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Our Services


  • AI/Machine Learning Integration with business processes
  • Defining models
  • Feasibility studies
  • Roadmaps&Plans
  • System Architecture


  • Building
  • Delivering and integration fullstack AI/Machine Learning solutions


  • Advising
  • Supervising
  • Coaching


  • AI/Machine Learning training for businesses
  • AI/Machine Learning training for DevOPS
  • AI/Agile transformation
  • Data science



We begin by understanding your business, goals, data, scope and results. We listen to your needs and we embrace your challenges.


We make an inventory of your data and your businesses processes, we perform data quality analysis and we do a feasibility study.

At this stage we know how to proceed further. We have a vision, plan and roadmap. We have an architecture of AI/Machine Learning models. We are highly motivated and passionate to move further.


Now we are ready to do a full stack end2end implementation of the AI/Machine Learning models and to integrate them into your digital infrastructure and business processes.

At this stage proof of concept becomes a production deliverable.


We make sure that all security, privacy and performance aspects are green. If necessary, for the state of the art performance, we fine tune our models.


We are ready to scale out our solution within your organization!


Dress Code Detection

Corporate dress code, branding, style look book, etc contribute to the visual identity of a company or a brand. There are a lot of examples where companies publish a style look book to promote specific dressing rules that emphasize the brand and its values. Imagine, just by taking a selfie via mobile phone the guidelines are quickly tested and advice is received.

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Document Classification

There are many business use cases that utilize document classification. Such as spam detection, sentiment detection, classifying emails received by customer support, detection of legal and regulatory anomalies in text, etc

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We translate a data graph into the text form. By doing this, we make more human-friendly interpretation of mathematical representations.

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A computer vision system can detect, recognize objects in a scene and mark them using a laser projector. Use case for this spatial augmented reality system can be various such as advertisement, but also think of museums, galleries where the artifacts can be just placed in the exhibition space and additional information displayed next to them.

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Sentiment Detection

We have made a sentiment detection platform. It works for: Enhancing the customer experience, Acquiring and measuring public opinion about products, services and brands, Increasing consumer engagement, Creating consumer awareness about brand and products, Revitalizing brands, Gaining competitive advantage

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Depth of field segmentation

Estimating depth from 2D images is often used in scene reconstruction, 3D object recognition, segmentation, and detection. Based on a single RGB image as input, we are predicting a depth map for the entire scene.

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Semantic Search

Semantic similarity and semantic search.

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  • Conversational Interfaces
  • on premise ChatBots
  • Customer Care Bots
  • Knowledge Base
  • Timesheet Bots
  • Interviewing Bots

Computer Vision

  • Dress code detection
  • Crowd counting
  • Visual recommendation engines
  • Customer walkpath and interest heatmaps
  • Dangerous situation detection
  • Retail

Data Science

  • Detecting GDPR issues in your API calls
  • Predictive analytics
  • Customer segmentation
  • Fraud detection
  • Knowledge graphs

NLU(Natural Language Understanding)

  • HR candidates selection
  • Human Machine Interface

Humanization of technology

  • Report generation, make the figures talk.
  • Explanatory document classification

Value predictions

  • Real time detection of Cyber Crimes
  • Reliable forecasts for business planning and goal setting

AI Experiments


We are an AI innovation studio passionate about creating and delivering AI solutions across all levels of your organisation. We have built our knowledge by more than a decade of experience in coaching and consulting the bleeding edge market players.

By working with world leading BFSI enterprises we learned a lot about importance of security and data protection and this knowledge defines the DNA of all our products and services.

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Vladimir Obradovic

Co-founder SentienceLab

"In highly connected digital world, the future is only one click away. We need to be ready for the challenges ahead. Knowledge is the only certain path into the future. But knowledge is not enough. What makes a difference is the ability and the skill to apply that knowledge into practical solutions for real life challenges. Solving the problems of today will buy us more time to think about tomorrow."

Lets discuss challenges within your organization.